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Welcome to our About page. Here we will describe how this website and company came together.

We are a family run website that wants to share our pictures with the rest of the world. We encourage people to use our pictures as backgrouds on their computer desktops. People will then see our photos, and hopefully spread the word about our website. We hope to have lots of pictures soon and if you wish to contribute, or just wish to share some pictures with the world too, send your pictures to us.

We thought about building a website at the beginning of 2000, but we didn't know where to start. We thought of doing some sort of a picture site and with the help of my family it has progressed to this. We all love to travel and we all love to take pictures. My other love is computers, so, natually, I decided that this site would be worth the time to set up. Soon, we will be moving to OBrienPhotos.com.

We hope you enjoy our pictures and please feel free to use them on your desktop, and spread the word about us. However, if these pictures are used or copied for commerical purposes, please contact us for copyright and pricing info. For more information go to our [Information Request Page].


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Contact Info:kvnobrien@yahoo.com

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